Top Penny Stocks List and Weekly Update

In this week’s top penny stocks list…

One of the most important lessons you can learn as a trader comes from the great showman, P.T. Barnum…

“Nothing draws a crowd quite like a crowd.”

What do I mean by that?

If you want to profit from speculative assets, you have to follow the money.

It explains why I’m watching meme stocks this week.

And it also explains why — even though I don’t like trading oil stocks — I’m still watching the energy sector.

Thanks to Tim Bohen, finding energy spikers was never easier. While everyone else is complaining about prices at the pump…

Bohen is using StocksToTrade to find BIG energy sector movers.

He wants to give you three proprietary scans to capitalize on any oil price surge…

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Back to meme stocks…

The biggest meme stock names are way outside my comfort zone.

You probably won’t find me trading stocks like GameStop, Koss, or AMC Entertainment.

But their ridiculous strength over the past couple of weeks got my attention.

Why? It ignited a speculative bubble in penny stocks.

Which is why you should put them on your watchlist and keep them there.

When they move, it draws a crowd. And THAT creates momentum.

Here’s what I’m watching this week…

  1. GameStop Corporation  (NYSE: GME … read my analysis here)
  2. AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (NYSE: AMC … read my analysis here)
  3. Clever Leaves Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: CLVR … read my analysis here)

Top Penny Stocks List: April 4, 2022

Meme stock mania returns…

screenshot of Bloomberg headline: Meme-Stock Mania Returns
Source: Bloomberg

I’m watching everything from meme stocks to weed and energy plays this week. Keep in mind that most of my recent trades came from StocksToTrade Breaking News Chat alerts. If you’re not using it — start today.

These are the OTCs I’m watching this week…

And here are the listed stocks I’m watching…

3 Penny Stocks to Watch This Week

The first two featured stocks are clearly NOT penny stocks. The lesson? Never underestimate the power of popular stocks to create momentum in penny stocks. No matter the price…

Top Penny Stocks List #1: GameStop Corporation (NYSE: GME)

GameStop is a multichannel video game, electronics, and gaming accessories company. You might also remember it as the stock Reddit’s WallStreetBets chose to ‘stick it to the man.’

The insane GameStop short squeeze was one of the biggest in recent memory.

Key points about GME…

  • GME is trading around $168 per share after hitting a 52-week low of $77.58 on March 14. In after-hours trading on Thursday, GME broke the $200 level.
  • On March 31, the company announced a potential stock split. The proposed split requires shareholder approval at the upcoming annual meeting.
  • GME is up 112% from the 52-week low. Remember, it hit a high of $483 during the meme stock madness of January 2021.

When former supernovas like GME spike, traders take notice. It isn’t a stock I plan to trade, but I’ll watch for sympathy plays.

Top Penny Stocks List #2: AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (NYSE: AMC)

AMC Entertainment owns and operates movie theaters across the U.S. and in Europe. Like GME, AMC was part of meme stock madness in early 2021.

Key points about AMC…

  • On March 15, AMC Entertainment invested $27.9 million in Hycroft Mining Holdings (NASDAQ: HYMC). Get my HYMC analysis when you read April’s Top Penny Stocks to Watch.
  • AMC was recently named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Companies of 2022.
  • AMC traded as low as $12.90 on March 14. On March 29, it spiked to $34.33 per share before pulling back to the mid-$20s. On Friday it closed up 80% from the March 14 low.

I’m watching AMC for the same reason as GME — spikes can influence speculative low-priced junk.

Top Penny Stocks List #3: Clever Leaves Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: CLVR)

Clever Leaves Holdings produces pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products.

Key points about CLVR…

I’m watching marijuana stocks to see how they react to news the U.S. House passed the MORE act on Friday…

screenshot of Forbes headline: U.S. House of Representatives Passes Federal Cannabis Legalization Bill MORE Act
Source: Forbes

CLVR is a potential dip buy into any big panic, preferably after more spiking and big volume.

Monday Motivation

I’m very proud to announce the opening of our 104th Karmagawa school. The Delgado Learning Center is also our 41st project in Bali…

If you don’t know Paul’s story…

Paul joined my Trading Challenge in 2017. By 2020, Paul was able to buy his mom a house with his trading profits.

Now, Paul is nearing a big milestone. If I could only get him to update his Profit.ly chart

Come ON, Paul! 

Mindset Mastery

It’s important to understand that Paul’s road was bumpy at first. After nine months of studying and trading, he stopped trading to focus on studying.

When he came back to trading, Paul started small and built his account slowly. His favorite resource was the “Pennystocking Framework” guide. By studying the 7-step framework, he started to see the patterns within the pattern. He got consistent with one pattern — the panic dip buy.

I love Paul’s mindset and I hope you learn something from his story. Trading is an amazing way to achieve financial freedom. But to make it work you MUST focus on…

Trading Education

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How to Create Your Own Penny Stocks List

Answers to watchlist FAQs…

How Can You Create Your Own Watchlist?

To start, look for big percent gainers. For two decades, big percent gains have been my #1 criteria. After that, I look at trading volume and a catalyst or reason behind the price action. Read “Stock Watchlist Guide: Tips & Examples to Develop Your Own” for details about the entire process.

Should I Create a Watchlist Every Day?

All serious traders create a daily watchlist. If you’re serious about trading penny stocks, making a daily watchlist is essential.

Does Tim Sykes Provide a NO-COST Watchlist?

Yes. Subscribe to my weekly penny stock watchlists below.

How to Use the Top Penny Stocks List Weekly Update

When you read the weekly penny stock list (and the monthly watchlist), don’t think of them as hot picks. Frankly, sometimes they’ll be duds. That’s why it’s called a watchlist. Welcome to penny stocks.

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It all starts with looking for big percent gainers. Try to figure out why I’ve put the stocks on my list. Study so you can help yourself become a self-sufficient trader. Only fools chase hot picks.

What do you think about this penny stocks list and weekly update? Comment below, I love to hear from all my readers! 

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